About Computer Village, Ikeja, Lagos State. (Largest I.T Market in Nigeria) [HISTORY&PICTURES]


NAME:                    Computer Village

LOCATION:            Lagos State

COORDINATES: 6.596245900000000000. , 3.340465799999947000

KNOWN TO BE:   An I.T Market

T.I.N MAGAZINE visited computer village lagos state in the month of June, to learn more about the popular  market and also take exclusive pictures, too bad we couldn’t take a video. Well, this market is a thing i think you should sit down and read more about. Read more about it below.


Computer village Lagos Nigeria is the computers and computer accessories market in Lagos.
You can find a wide array of branded computers and cloned PCs here.
Popular brands include Compaq, Dell, Toshiba, Acer, and several others.
This Lagos computer market is also host to a multitude of computer accessories, digital cameras and camera accessories, and mobile phones and accessories.
The computer village Lagos Nigeria is located at the heart of Ikeja the capital of Lagos state.
This computer market is awash with computer technicians good and bad. Be careful when to buy computers in this market. If you’re not careful, you may end up with a refurbished PC.

Visit the computer village Lagos Nigeria for . . .
Digital cameras and accessories
Mobile phones and accessories
Desktop Computers and accessories
Laptops and accessories
Notebooks and accessories
UPS and accessories
Voltage stabilizers and accessories
Computer repair
Electrical parts
Iphones, ipads, and everything electronic


The present location of this market was a residential area until late 1999 or early 2000 when Internet technology became a household name in corporate Nigeria.
Knowing that a major industry was about to spring forth, savvy businessmen took position in the most vantage location of Ikeja – Otigba Street to commence trading in IT equipments and devices.
By 2003 a year after GSM services were introduced to Nigeria, computer village had become a household name among Telecommunication users, especially small businesses and end users.


Ikeja computer village makes Ikeja itself stand out from other towns in Lagos,the so-called largest IT market in West Africa. Like other well known markets in Lagos it is very busy and rowdy. But it differs greatly from other markets in that it is home to the major dealers of Mobile Phones and computers as well as their accessories.

The market was never planned to be what it is so finding your way around it might be problematic if you are a first time visitor.
However the right people to buy from usually own larger sized stores than the road side sellers or the ones with smaller shops.
In addition their stores are well stocked with variety of products or with large number of a single items or related products.

One of the high buidings

Most of the buildings are multistory with the phone and computer repairers usually found in the interior parts. Sellers usually like to be seen or would place outdoor signs. You should buy new stuff from these people.
Presently the major dealers include representatives of the major brands TECNO, HP, DELL, TOSHIBA, PACKARD BELL, FUJITSU SIEMENS among others for computers while those for phone leaders include NOKIA, SONY ERICSSON, MOTOROLA and SAGEM.
Well, we must say most of the buildings inside it has “TECNO” labelled on it.

Surprisingly cloth sellers are also coming into the market, and at the time of my last visit, over 100 canteens were situated within or around the market.
In addition there are telephone and computer repairers around the market and these are the ones to patronize for refurbished used phones and computers.

Among the many products on sale include mobile phones and mobile phone accessories, (memory cards, chargers, batteries, casings etc).
Also computers and computer accessories including DVD writers, Mother boards, LCDs, Keyboards, RAM cards among others). Occasionally you might come across other digital products like camcorders, digital cameras and flat screen televisions among other electronic devices.


Computer village is a never boring place to be, we noticed that during our visit, it is a very large area with various streets and many people in out every second. The sound of music all over is another thing is another interesting to mention and the ever amazing street dancers dancing for various brands all over.

Street Dancing

A quick snapshot of a dancer

The street dancing is a thing that pulls crowd all round to come and watch the amazing dancers and twerkers. Trust me they will draw your attention if you are a new visitor,you find them all around the place quite a very interesting thing.


The benefits of buying from Ikeja computer village include the opportunity to buy quality products at very affordable prices plus the opportunity of reselling fast moving brands even with very little capital.
There is an army of unemployed youths who have found it convenient to seek out buyers on behalf of sellers they receive generous commissions for their efforts. A large number of Asian and north African citizens occasionally visit the market in search of good deals.

Computer village was notorious for tax evasion, piracy, and crime. It was in view of this that the Nigeria police force had to station a unit to check the activities of miscreants.
Also the Lagos state government had to shut down the market for 2 weeks in late 2008 due to the unwillingness of most dealers to pay their taxes. In addition pirated software and musicals are sold freely in the market. In addition the market is known to house touts.


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