Actress INI EDO Full Biography,Life And News

FULL NAME: Iniobong Edo Ekim

DATE OF BIRTH: April 19, 1982




Ini Edo hails from Akwa Ibom and she loves acting, has acted since she was a child in church and at school, and even though she studied theatre arts at the University of Uyo, she did not see herself becoming an actress! She was thinking of going into law or television. Nollywood at that point had not yet taken off. But one thing led to another and she found herself acting in a film. Both she and others were pleased with how well she did.

Well, her father was not so pleased, not at first. He wanted her to get her degree first. And besides, she was just 19 at the time, a young woman. To become a film actress meant going to a city far away where she knew no one. He was afraid people would take advantage of her. But it all turned out well in the end: a film director saw her talent and took her under his wing and looked out for her like a father. And she did get her degree too, from the University of Calabar, though it was not easy to balance acting with her studies.

Some actresses feel like they have to sleep with the producer to get ahead. She thinks that does not work in the long run, not as well as hard work and talent. Men came on to her all the time when she was single, but she did not let them turn her head: she knew what they all were after.

Ini Edo is an Ibibio from Akwa Ibom state in the south-east, not far from Calabar. Her mother was a teacher and her father, a church elder. She had a strict upbringing, the second of four children, three girls, one boy.

She graduated from the University of Uyo where she got a Diploma in Theatre Arts. She also completed her Bachelors Degree program at the University of Calabar where she studied English.


Ini Edo’s acting career started in year 2000. She was uncovered by a producer at an audition she attended; impressed by Ini’s performance, he gave her a new role in his movie. Ini gave the role her best and since then, it’s been one movie role to the other until she climbed the ladder of success.

Her breakout role came when she acted in the film, ‘World Apart’(2004) and since then she has not looked back, going on to act in more than 100 films such as ‘Games women Play’ Games Men Play and the sequel ‘Reloaded’.

Ini Edo has gone ahead to become a house hold name in the Nigerian movie industry and one of the top paid female actresses. She became a Producer in 2010 when she co-produced and starred in a film, ‘Memories of my Heart’ with Emem Isong .

Ini Edo has been recognised by top brands in the Nigerian Industry and is currently and Ambassador to a couple of well known Beauty, Telecom and Food Industry. She is a Noble Hair Brand Ambassador, Glo Ambassador, Face of Chivita [the fruit juice company] and in 2011 she was appointed United Nations Habitat Youth Envoy.

After working her way to the Top-List in Nollywood with close to 100 movies to her credit, Ini Edo has proven to be one of the popular and talented actresses in Nollywood. Apart from her acting career, she’s also participate in charitable trust, despite her busy work schedule, she carves out time and energy to visit and assist the less fortunate in the society.

In November 2008 she got married to Philip Ehiagwina, a businessman. Nollywood actress Rita Dominic came to the wedding. Edo had a second wedding in February 2009 in America, in Houston, Texas, where her husband is based.

Their relationship had been in the newspapers: not just because Edo is one of those people that newspapers like to write things about, true and untrue, but also because Ehiagwina had already been married, to Ruth Okoro, a Nigerian-American model and actress. Okoro made his leaving her for Edo ugly and public, both of them saying terrible things about each other. If Okoro is to be believed, Ehiagwina is a heartless, untrustworthy character.

In October 2014 she and husband Mr. Philip Ehiagwina got divorced due some claims of mis-understanding between them.. Major claims on the media was their break up was because of actress Ini Edo infidelity.. Which she absolutely denied.
Ini Edo has been having miscarriages during the years she spent with her ex husband before the sad divorce, meaning they had no child which people believe is one of the reasons the divorce occurred.

Early 2015 the popular actress made her relationship with co actor known to public the actor who is said to be younger than the the actress made the whole case more controversial.



Caro The Iron Bender (2014)
Royal gift
Blind Kingdom
Native Son
Sleek ladies
Ghetto Queen
Power of Beauty
Political Control
Ass on Fire
Breath Again
Fatal Seduction
Games Men Play
Girls Cot
The Greatest Sacrifice
Married to the Enemy
My Heart Your Home
No Where to Run
Stolen Tomorrow
Price of Fame
Sacrifice for Love
Secret Fantasy
Silence of the Gods
Too Late to Claim
Total Control
War Game
11:45… Too Late
The Bank Manager
The Begotten
The Bet
Cold War
Crying Angel
Desperate Billionaire
Desperate Need
Emotional Blackmail
I Want My Money
Last Game
Last Picnic
Living in Tears
Living Without You
Lonely Hearts
Men Do Cry
My Precious Son
One God One Nation
Only Love
Pretty Angels
Red Light
Royal Package
Security Risk
Songs of Sorrow
Tears for Nancy
Ultimate Crisis
Beautiful Faces
Eye of the Gods
Eyes of Love
Faces of Beauty
Indecent Girl
I Swear
Love Crime
Love & Marriage
Negative Influence
Not Yours!
World Apart
World Apart 2
The One I Trust
Sisters On Fire
Royalty Apart
Never Let Go
End of Do or Die Affair
Darkness of Sorrows
Final Sorrow
Behind The Melody
Memories of The Heart
Royal Gift
Save The Last Dance
Battle For Bride
Caged Lovers
In The Cupboard
Hunted Love
Anointed Queen
A Dance For The Prince
Bride’s War
Tears In The Palace
Slip of Fate
At All Cost
Mad Sex
The Princess of My Life
Inale (2010)
I’ll Take My Chances (2011)
Nkasi The Village Fighter
Nkasi The Sprot

She has received multiple nominations and awards..
won the bon awards in 2010, also won the Zafrima awards in 2011 and more others.

Actress ini edo was rumored to have been involved in lesbianism scandal alongside her colleague actress Tonto dikeh in 2011 which was later denied by both.
She has been involved in a drinking scandal alongside same colleague actress tonto dikeh after getting high making both doing crazy things on stage.
she was said to have been involved in adultery scandal in 2014 which was said to have lead to the sad divorce..
she was also said to be a chronic drinker and smoker off stage and off screen.. meaning smokes and drink a lot in the real life.



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