This is the official page for T.I.N Nigerian Music Charts.
This is a platform to monitor, showcase and document Nigerian music commercial
success, and not just Nigerian music only but all songs trending in Nigeria
weekly.  T.I.N Magazine was forced to
start this platform because there is no real or standard music chart platform
in Nigeria monitoring the music industry. We at T.I.N Magazine believes Nigeria
music Industry has got passed Radio & TV countdowns that is why we’ve
launched a platform that follows the normal stats that are mostly used in
judging music charts around the world.
The process of launching the platform took months to gather
up contents to back up the charts judging. T.I.N Nigeria music charts plan to house
many categories under the platform, categories that will monitor different
music genre across Nigeria.
At moment the platform currently has a category launched
under the T.I.N Nigeria Music Chart, Which is the “T.I.N Nigeria Top 20 Music
This is the first and for now the only category under the
T.I.N Nigeria music charts, this category is out to monitor and showcase the
top 20 trending song in Nigeria every  week. The category doesn’t monitor Nigerian
songs only but any foreign song that is trending in Nigeria too.
So how do we know the top trending songs in Nigeria?
We’ve got three strong criteria we are using at the moment; Streaming /Downloads, Digital Sales (iTunes),
Radio Airplays.
Streaming/Downloads: At the
moment we have two top Nigerian music sites we follow up their songs downloads and
streaming stats. We have, and, most Nigerian songs premier
on these music websites. So the songs with most downloads  in a week get the upper hand in this section.
Digital Sales (iTunes):  This took quite a longtime but we got ITunes Nigeria
to launch an official chart for the most bought songs by Nigerians on their
platform weekly. So if an artist put up a song up on iTunes  and it is the trending type, it will
definitely show up on their top 100 most bought songs on ITunes by Nigerians so
the position at which a song is cited is going to be used as another criteria.
Radio Airplays: This is the third
category and one of the most important criteria. This wasn’t easy to accomplish
but at the moment we have up to 23 radio stations across Nigeria working with
us which includes both the Southern and Northern part of the country. In this
category we got OAPs updating us the top songs that enjoy the most airplays and
requests every week, no partiality or politics involved. At the moment we are
still trying to get more radio stations across each state in Nigeria working
with us.
We update the official page of Nigeria’s top 20 every Saturday morning.
 The interesting thing is we just don’t
update the chart listing but  we keep
records of every song that makes a debut on the TOP20 , when we say records we
mean every detail about the song which includes;  The song chart history on the TOP20 and more
other important info about the song, Its YouTube views and more other
commercial success.
We would implore artists who cannot find their song(s) on the chart but
believes their song deserves a spot on the TOP20 to submit their song(s)
details so we could track its commercial performance, if the song(s) truly is
trending then it shall be featured on the TOP20 and fitted to its right
We think its time we start appreciating our own