This is the official page for T.I.N Magazine’s TOURISM category. Our tourism category is focused on showing Nigeria’s attraction centres and places across Nigeria which many are not aware of, so we share with visitors who are interested some good detailed info on these places.

The goal is to build up a portal that would indeed cover all the interesting attractions centres Nigerians look up for on the internet, many people most especially Nigerians abroad make searches on the internet about certain locations in Nigeria and they want to know more about them so our goal is to make sure they indeed get the best info on whichever location they want to know about.
As it was mentioned above the TOURISM category is divided into two; Attraction centres and Places in Nigeria.
We travel to different tourist centres across Nigeria to get quality pictures of these destinations, we record detailed videos on them and get useful information on them for Nigerians to see. Since launching the category we’ve seen Nigerians really do want to see beautiful places in Nigeria as visitors get interested in these contents. We put up our recorded videos online for readers to see too, a thing which many loved since we started it.
This is all about putting up information about unique and interesting locations across the country, these locations can be; a town, state, city, farm, institution, organization and more.