Checkout 25 Most Expensive And Exquisite Nigerian Wedding Cakes Ever! (pics)

Yes..! For the lovergirls and boys this for you. We bring to you an interesting piece for our readers who care about weddings…

A perfect wedding consists of many components. You need to pick the
right theme, choose the most amazing wedding gown, have gorgeous wedding
rings made just for you, hire a good caterer, choose the most suitable
venue, and make sure every guest is having the time of their life.

A wedding cake is also essential for a good wedding, since it often
closes the night and leaves a lasting impression on the guests. Find out
everything about Nigerian wedding cakes right now

1. Traditional wedding cakes

Although classic Nigerian wedding cakes don’t look
too similar to the ones you’re used to seeing in wedding magazines and
romantic movies, they have plenty of charm. The base of the cake is very
rich and contains ingredients like margarine, flour, sugar, eggs,
water, baking powder, and vanilla extract.

There are several ways to elevate the taste and the appearance of the
cake base: for example, by substituting half of the margarine with
butter for a creamier texture and taste.

Nigerian wedding cakes

2. New cake trends

You can also add some flavor to your cake by putting in some grated
nutmeg or other of your favorite spices. Another popular way to enhance
the taste of your wedding cake is to add brandy and raising, turning the
ordinary cake base into a fruitcake.

No matter which cake base you go for, the best way to ice the cake is
to use the vanilla buttercream frosting, adding fruit coloring for a
beautiful design.

Nigerian cake

3. Nigerian cake designs

Of course, the thing that helps Igbo traditional wedding cakes
stand out is the design. The end result of the cake depends only on
your budget and the skills of the wedding cake creator, as opportunities
for designing the cake are nearly limitless.

Talented Nigerian bakers can recreate any shape in the form of a
cake, which is why the guests of a Nigerian wedding are always looking
forward to the cake, knowing that it’s going to be a big surprise. Cakes
in the shape of a crow, treasure chest, pile of books, and other
intricate designs featuring flowers and other motifs, are only a small
part of what local bakers are capable of.

Nigerian cake designs

4. Latest wedding cake designs

If you look at Nigerian wedding decoration pictures,
you will see that cakes always take the central spot in wedding
photography simply due to their amazing appearance. It’s also no wonder
that new cake design trends appear very often. Here are some of the
trends we currently love:

  • Lace decoration.
  • Leafs and florals.
  • Ombre frosting.
  • “Naked cake” with no frosting on the outside/
  • Edible gold detailing.
  • Tower-shaped cakes.

When you’re ready to order or bake a cake for your wedding, all you have to do to find inspiration is look at the stunning Nigerian cake designs we have for you here. Make your cake the center of attention for your wedding and watch awestruck guests look at it arriving!

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