Four Reasons Why Lil Kesh Should Have Remained With YBNL – Tope Delano

Baddo and Kesh

There has been so much hullabaloo on Lil Kesh leaving YBNL by the end of May. Some news site used the word dump others used even more appalling adjectives for this not so big of an issue. Then he dropped the bomb, he is indeed leaving.

First, lets understand what a record contract is. This is a legally binding contract between an artiste and the label where the said artistes makes records for the label to promote and sell. Now this contract has both exclusivity and territorial clauses in many, that is to say, such artiste can only record songs for the said label and if need be that another label needs the services of their artistes, this can only happen with the permission of the label.

Lil Kesh

Having said that, here are four reasons why I feel Lil Kesh should not have left YBNL .

  1. Loyalty: Like  I said earlier, friendship between label and their artistes is a very delicate one and with this first point, one would easily think this loyalty deals more with Lil Kesh but instead its more on Olamide’s part. We all can remember the embarrassing issue which happened at this year’s Headies awards, when Lil Kesh, who many believed should have won the next rated award was snubbed. The young man, in a very professional way congratulated the winner and sat down without much visible fuss until his boss took the stage and made the world know just how much he’s got his boy’s back. Can anyone really forget the in less than minutes trending words Olamide used on the stage? I doubt it.  Olamide, a young man himself, not caring whose ox is gored made his disappointment known, resulting in the  most talked about social media war of the year 2016. I mean who dares fight with Don Baba J, if not Baddo  himself. Yes, his loyalty for his boy was beyond comforting and I must say, I doubt there is any other label who would manifest such legendary and epic loyalty to Lil Kesh.
  2. Belief: In his new album, Lil Kesh said it himself, only Olamide believed in his music from the start. Olamide, saw the potential in him and took him up. He made is first single a Hit and did not stop there. Olamide made  sure for every single dropped, It was a hit back to back. How many labels can dare say there    artiste had hits  back to back? Except of cos for one (Story for another day). It is one thing to be signed unto a label who sees that a record or two can be made from you, it is another to have a label who believes in your passion, craft and person in general, and we all know what it means for a dad  to believe and even tell his son that he has so much faith and believe in him. Olamide, is the one boss I know will push Lil Kesh to the limit to ensure massive success.
  3. Fountain of creativity: Even as writers we get writers block, so does artistes. Him being among artistes     who sing his type of music is an extra point not to leave the label. Creativity being staunched will never happen for this young man should he stick with the right click which is the YBNL group. The influence of Olamide rubs off well on Lil Kesh and with the kind of music they both do, the sky is just the starting point for Mrmeyagi, should he remain with Olamide Baddo.
  4. Consistency: Only Olamide will and can push Lil Kesh to drop songs consistently, so why not remain with the man who knows and understands the trade perfectly well. Consistency is the major key to having a wonderful music career and he is sure to get it with YBNL.

These are just my thoughts though, am certain both parties thought things through and came to their final decision.
Agree and have more reasons why Lil kesh should have remained with YBNL, let us know in the comment box.
Written by: Tope Delano

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