My Open Letter To Mr. Lanre Dabiri (Eldee) Concerning PlayData

This is a personal open letter from me Akinola to Eldee
and the rest of the Playdata crew.
First of all, I am going to compliment Mr Lanre Dabiri for
this huge invention, for the past 3years, I have been wondering; is nobody
going to do anything about monitoring the Nigeria music industry? And by that I
mean at this age and level which the industry is right now, I have
always wondered isn’t it time we have at least just one normal standard reputable
music chart?? Well, personally myself I could have introduced this into the
industry a longtime ago, but sadly, I don’t have the resources.  I mean, our music industry is very well the
face of Africa at the moment, and we don’t have any sensible music chart
monitoring our songs commercial success, take a look at the South Africa music
industry not half as huge as ours they’ve got about two standard music charts
over there and we’ve got none.
Just three weeks ago I saw a twitter handle titled:
“Playdata Charts” I went on to the website and read all about it, wasn’t
satisfied,  I went on to do my personal
research on the platform I read a couple comments Eldee has given about the
project online and seriously… You won’t believe how happy I felt about this… 
The whole PlayData idea is the brightest I have seen in a
very long time… Personally I hope to meet Eldee himself to learn about
this new program they are using to track Radio Airplays. For people who
don’t know what PlayData does; well, it is a new web service software invented
by Mr. Lanre Dabiri, Playdata track songs airplays on radio stations.  So now we can know which songs  are the most played on radio stations in
Nigeria every single week, although Playdata at the moment is only monitoring Lagos radio stations, but I’m pretty sure the team Is working on the nationwide
coverage. Well, there is more to playdata and I don’t think I am gonna be able
to write all about it here so, you should read more about Playdata and Playdata charts Via: and
Well, according to the website, the Nigerian Playdata charts
is called; “Radio Top Ten countdown”,  I am gonna be starting from
there; Mr. Lanre I don’t think that name suits it at all..Why “Radio Top10”
when the platform monitors top 100 songs every week, Why not RadioTop100, and
why putting countdown at the back? This is no countdown this is a standard
music chart.

What I am
actually trying to say here is; our music industry is a very tight one right
now with new artists coming in here and there with hits, 2015 was a crazy year
of hits with new artists taking over and I know this year is gonna be crazier.
So with hit songs being released every single week , I think Playdata should
focus more on songs at the top20 at least out of the top 100 and I think “RadioTop20” sounds cooler.
The Playdata music chart is not one Radio Countdown or TV
countdown, we all know those ones are crap, Playdata is a standard music chart
and it should be carried that way, at the moment this is Nigeria’s
billboardHot100 so I think it should be operated and honored with such respect.
Secondly Mr. Lanre I am personally begging you and your team
to fasten this process up. I mean you’ve only got Lagos state right now but what we
want is a standard chart that covers the whole Nigeria. So I think by midyear
Playdata should have covered almost all the Radio stations in Nigeria, if that
is gonna be difficult I think one or two radio stations per state is enough.
And I’m also pleading with Mr. Eldee to please cover the north alongside, I mean we don’t even know what is up with the northern part of the country when
it comes to the music sector, we wanna know what’s popping in places like
Kaduna,Kano and others.
Furthermore, I think the playdatacharts website needs some
additional contents, like; there should be a page for every song that makes a
debut on the Top100 or the Top20 so that these songs chart history and success
would be recorded on each of their pages.
And I am gonna have to mention that the site
is fantastic and user friendly.
So in conclusion, I think the Playdata project is a huge one
and a brilliant one too, I see the platform taking over African countries and
even outside Africa in a couple years.
I believe when the platform is at its full height it is
going to have a massive revenue generation, starting from ads revenue; I
believe the platform is gonna generate some huge income from its Webpages, not
to mention as time goes on and the platform becomes more recognized I think
some certain users strings should be added like users needing to subscribe to
see the full top100 chart and even more..
Well, I am currently working on creating a wikipedia page for PlayData, I would also like to create a wikipedia page for
the RadioTop10 too but i am really hoping Mr. Lanre considers my plead to
change that name to something like RadioTop20 or Top100 just anything higher
than Top10.
To every Nigerian artist out there; be it A-LIST or New
comer I am personally telling you all to take the Playdata charts serious, by
that; I mean they all should upload any new song  they release on the server so
as to get their songs tracked after release, you know RadioTop20 or Top100
charts is actually our own Billboard now so they all should try to know their
songs commercial success when it comes to radio airplays, I will presume you all
know topping that chart for weeks or being among the top10 for weeks is a bigger deal than winning any award. I am so proud of boda Kunle right now… He’s
been killing Wizkid and Kiss, for the past four weeks on the chart(lol.) I don’t think “Pick
Up” is gonna be leaving that number1 spot anytime soon, by the way, I would
like to see kiss Daniel’s Good time top the chart.
FYI:  We at T.I.N
Magazine have been working on a standard digital music chart since last year’s
November and we are getting close, and we are gonna be launching in a few
months time. For now let’s keep following the Playdata charts!

Mr. Eldee, If I am opportune I would like to meet and
discuss Playdata with you, even if na for skype or anything I just wanna chat
with you concerning playdata.!
Kudos to ELDEE! You are the DON….!
Article By Akinola Follow Him On Twitter Here

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