Multimillionaire Fashion Stylist Toyin Lawani Full Biography,Life And News

FULL NAME:             Toyin Lawani

DATE OF BIRTH:      1982

OCCUPATION:           Fashion Stylist










 Toyin lawani is a multimillionaire  popular fashion designer/stylist in Nigeria, she is based in Lagos and  she runs “Tiannah’s Place Empire” as the
creative director and ceo, the company owns a fashion academy, it is also
active in the hospitality industry as well as travels and tours. Toyin lawani is one the richest fashion
stylists in Nigeria if not the richest. Toyin is also known to be a great philanthropist.


Toyin Lawani is from a very rich and pretigious family in Ekiti
state. Her late mum, who was into textile business, ran a beauty home
until her death in the USA. Her father was the famous Olanrewaju Lawani,
a politician who worked with General Gowon.

Her paternal grandfather was a Commisioner of Police, while her
maternal grandmother is still the Reagent of Ikole Ekiti in Ekiti state.
Toyin had everything she wanted as a child, but she craved to be
independent of her family’s wealth.

Her mother introduced her into it because she was an entrepreneur. Her mother has a
big beauty supply of many products which is still running today. Her mother had
a salon, spa; she was selling cars, gold and she indulged in any
business that was going around that time.
While growing up, all the
ideas Toyin have about her beauty product, Tiannah’s beauty product was from her mother. When she was 11 years old, her mother would give her product and
tell her to go and trade them, so this is what she grew up knowing.
Apart from entertainment, her family was all in
business right from when she was growing up. So, it was not new to her. n. Her mum groomed her in every sphere of the business. But her dad wanted her to
be a lawyer.
Toyin has bachelor’s degree in english
language from the university of lagos.


Toyin started making money when she was only 16 years of age, she had just gained admission then in Unilag.
When she first started, she started as a stylist and people would come to her
boutique and ask her for style and designs and she would give it to them.
But it was one of her friends that asked her why she was allowing
stylists to come and steal from her. She advised her to sow her style by herself and stop giving it out, and she thought to herself that her friend was
right and so she gave it a trial.
After she saw her design on someone else, she
started designing by herself.
IN HER WORDS: “If you work hard as an entrepreneur, you
will be an entrepreneur, but if you limit yourself, you will just remain

Toyin is living a fulfilling life as an entrepreneur, who clothes and
styles ‘A’ list artistes, actors, politicians, and money bags in
Nigeria and abroad.

She has a house called Tiannah’s place located in a choice area in
Lekki, estimated to be worth over N300m. The house boasts of a
restaurant called amala dot com, a fashion school, salon, a boutique,
spa, a designer’s studio, a travel agency, and many other facilities in
one building.
According to report, only the very rich and the famous can afford a
visit and treatment from Tiannah’s place. Toyin is  currently working on
a  reality TV show project she calls Diary of a Fashion Guru,  coming
soon to TV screens across Nigeria and Africa.


What was your childhood ambition?
I have always wanted to be an entrepreneur and I have always been
interested in fashion. I started my first business at the age of 16 with
a boutique, a mini supermarket, and a spa while studying at the
University of Lagos.
Why fashion designing, styling and beauty?
Because these three things put together are my passion. I started
sketching at a very early age and while I was in University, I stated
designing for my friends and gave them fashion tips. I also love making
natural remedies for skin issues, making people look good from head to
toe. This is why I opened a salon for hair, nails, lash, makeup and the
beauty arm of the business. Because of my flare for good skin, I opened
my spa where I sell my own range of skin care products called Tiannah’s
TiannahStyling now has a fashion academy. What’s the aim of the school?
TiannahStyling Fashion Academy is constantly looking towards the
future, identifying new ways of working, discovering new markets and
learning new skills that will benefit our future fashion designers and
How are you able to separate your work as a stylist and designer?
It’s actually really hard to separate the two because sometimes, when
the public see few of our works, video or editorials, they always feel I
just styled it not knowing I design all the pieces I style with.
How many collections have you had since you started designing, tell us about your most recent one?
I have designed four collections so far. All my collections are about
my life. The “Day Dream” Collection was showcased at the Nigerian
Entertainment Awards in 2011. The “Daring Collection” was showcased at
Music Meets Runway in 2011. The “Gladiator Series”, “Elegante Kidz”, and
“Freedom collection” are my most recent ones. I showcased my “Freedom
Collection” at African Fashion Week London in August 2013.

What kind of woman do you design for?
Actually, I design for everybody. Kids, teenagers, women, men, and even
the old. Elegante by TiannahStyling caters for the world, not just the

Toyin has worked with a lot of Nigerian artistes both local and
foreigners. She has styled for Banky W, Wizkid, Niyola, Tiwa Savage, Don
Jazy, Dr Sid, Wande Coal, D’Prince, Davido and many other artistes.
She has also designed for Hollywood celebrities including Singer
Kelly Rolland, Destiny’s Child, Jennifer Richardson and Natalie Nunn.
Her circle of clientele includes Nollywood divas like Stephanie Okereke,
Tonto Dike, Kate Henshaw and many others.

Toyin Lawani is not sparing resources living the life of her dream which
she has worked so hard to actualise. This is evident in the choice of
cars she drives and the house she lives in.

Her house is located in a choice area in Lagos Island. Her cars are no exception.
She has a Lexus SUV worth N20m, a Ford SUV worth N18m, and other wonders on wheels unknown to the press.

Toyin already had a baby in 2005 with her ex husband, her daughter Tiannah is the one she named her company after.

Toyin’s has a lot of connections with huge public figures all across the world and her fashion line keeps going bigger.
Toyin who is 32 years old as of 2015 is engaged to an upcoming Nigerian musician Lord Trigg whose age is 22 as 2015, they’ve been dating for quite a long time according to Lord Trigg he said she started dating her when he was 17.
On the first day  of the year in  2014 Toyin had a baby boy with her younger lover.


She has won many awards which includes;
The city people awards

Won the award for the stylist of the year at ELOY awards 2014

Toyin Lawani Marriage; First Husband,

Toyin was reported to have dumped her rich boyfriend who is a lagos commissioner to take her relationship with her younger lover public.

Toyin’s outfits to her 2015 birthday party


Toyin with her daughter and son